Friday is Fry Night

So after a long day and week, like many people I yearn for some good comfort food. Superman is weak when exposed to kryptonite and I am a sucker for fries. The kind of fries that is tasty without being overpowering and crispy yet not burned. It had been a rough one that by mid-week I was already fantasizing about the perfect meal to chow down and specifically where I would purchase it.

Friday came and the anticipation was high. After leaving work, getting milk and picking up the little human in my life, it was time to make the voyage. On our quest reality quickly resurfaced and reminded me that this meal was just not in the budget.

As we passed that magical destination on our way home, their was sheer disappointment. We were hungry and really looking forward to eating fries. But, the problem-solver in me quickly unearth childhood images of my mom making home-made fried chicken and fries because eating out was too expensive. So I decided this would be my mission as I already had uncooked wings and potatoes awaiting us at home.

So obviously I needed the little human to also buy into this new adventure and the only way I knew how was to create lots of excitement about the new task. Friday night dinner became a team effort and I had an opportunity to educate the little human on the magical origins of fries and the whole process of cooking wings.


Unfortunately, the fries remained yet another failed attempt. The baking and broiling recipe that I found online just did not give us the crispy yet not burned touch that we were so looking forward to. After one bite, the little human refused to even touch another one of the home-made fries. 😦

Now, frying chicken has never been a skill I have perfected and in being somewhat health-conscious I try to minimize the amount of oil I use when cooking. All that to say, I broiled my chicken! Before you cast judgement, I will assure you that to date, it is the closest I have gotten to that tender, juicy, crispy feeling of deep-fried wings. To be quite frank, the only thing that was missing was ketchup. πŸ™‚

It would have been nice to have the “after” receipts to show since I included the before photo. However, when there is a little human in the mix, the end goal of eating is and will always be more important than any photo. Besides, during our cooking session we were simultaneously having a dance party so by the time the food was finished we were ravenous wolves waiting to devour. πŸ˜‰

One food for thoughtΒ I took home from this whole experience is that having something (whether an activity or a meal) to look forward to at the end of the day and/or week can be very beneficial in helping me to put to rest the stresses of that day/week. This has been a concept that numerous of dear individuals in my life have encouraged me to do for several years. I always felt that it was difficult to engage in because I am on a budget and have the responsibility of caring for a little human. But, the beauty of last Friday was that I stayed true to me and my circumstances and even though the little human was under the weather we just danced all the wonkiness out of bodies into the atmosphere.

So for this weekend, the desired goal is to have movie night accompanied by some home-made smoothie. May I invite you to plan your own de-stresser for your next day off?

Until next time, sincerest gratitude… πŸ™‚