Simple Service

On my 27th birthday I remember wanting to do more than just celebrating. For this special day, in  addition to the usual dinner with friends I planned an activity which involved volunteering at a local community shelter as well as donating clothing items. My hope was that this act would ignite an annual event of service on my birthday and unfortunately this was not the case because of unexpected life events.

I am fully aware that there are many more days in the year but I saw this particular day as one with significance and that would continually provide reinvigoration. Nonetheless, I am faced with an idea that didn’t quite have the jump start I desired and and once more I find myself back at the beginning trying to figure out ways in which I can serve.

It is at this juncture I remembered a conversation with my prior pastor where I was concerned about my purpose in life as I didn’t have any of those notable talents such as singing, playing an instrument or orating. And he said some people’s ministry are the lives they lead. At the time it was so simple and did not do much to quell my concerns but with time I gradually grasped the profundity of those words.

Over time I grew in my purposeful intentions of being courteous, kind and authentic to those with whom I interact. Some days it is a simple hello and smile.:-) Other days it is a compliment on a person’s hair or clothing. And when I am extremely generous and feeling the funny in my bones a little humor to brighten the moment.;-)

There are so many current news of horror that can make one feel helpless but maybe we can place a little more effort in the little things. Here is a short list of things I challenge you to consider:

  • Give away one or two canned food items from your pantry to a homeless shelter or hurricane relief efforts
  • Donate that shirt, dress, or shoes you know you don’t like or don’t wear to relief efforts
  • Encourage yourself or someone you know to take care of his/her/their mental and/or emotional well-being
  • Forgive more readily
  • Get irritated more slowly
  • Be quick to think the best of others
  • Smile more often
  • Find more laughter
  • Dance if you’ve never tried
  • Paint or draw like you are Picasso

We all can positively contribute to the lives of others.  The purest and simplest service can have meaningful impact. Remember you never know how the simplest and most random act of kindness can alter the ripples in a person’s life.

Until next time, sincerest gratitude…:-)

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